A fast-paced read with plenty of twists and a final surprise! In the end, the characters stayed with me especially one which I will not name to avoid any spoiler-alert. There are abundant details of the world of computing, yet the writing never feels 'heavy-handed' in jargon. The story develops from the 1980's and into a futurist society, one that could unfold in our real world. Welcome to a possible future. And it's not all scary! This book was better than the boiler-plate writing of Dan Brown's recent work, Origins. Highly recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars
The plot of this story is smart, scary

The book speaks the near-future story that takes a moment to ponder where our current world might be headed, as seen through the eyes of a professor. Aggi, the artificial intelligence technology, gradually becomes human’s guide and protector. At one point she grew so complex and vast that nobody understood her or comprehend her completely, or how to control her, in fact ruling over everything. Eventually, she is the final dominion! The story unravels through the eyes of a professor who himself was entrusted with the guardianship of Aggi, along with his 4 other friends. When technology is developed that allows for the uploading of consciousness, the question of dominion arises, also warns us on the potential harm it might cause, along with us being controlled by AI in every single mode of life. The plot of this story is smart, scary, uplifting, thrilling and unforgettable. The authors have done a commendable job! This book outlines the best of artificial intelligence novels.
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A swift and sly take over by Artificial General Intelligence. When their homes are no longer private. Will A I treat humans as equals?

In the late 1980s, a shocking personal circumstance gives five computer science students reason to scrutinize the computer and robotics industry. One savvy computer engineer refuses to accept the computer industry’s status quo but becomes a high-profile figure.

Enter the age of the Internet of Things, when all house appliances become smart and are connected to a network, but nobody understands what a powerful AI could do with IoT until it is done.

Cyber security agent Marcus Coates is consigned with the task to find a rogue virus and eliminate it. Earth’s future rests in the hands of a few. As fallout entails, how long will the five be able to hold on to their secret? A small group of influential power players are willing, at all cost to put an end to this chaos. Marcus Coates’ conscience is heavy—former hacker wonders if he is an enemy of the state or an enemy of the people.

The truth is never a secret.

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